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From the home to the landscape, to the outside, the creative process of STUDIO STABILE ARCHITECTURE is intimately connected to a horizontal scale of “relationships and connections”, where the main focus is on dialogue in the creation of spaces that can be different but at the same time harmonious, all influenced by a spirit both modernist and contemporary that is Italian but also cosmopolitan.

Il processo

The individual is the center of architecture. Homes, buildings and environments not only protect our bodies and our actions, but also host our minds, our dreams, our memories and our desires. Architecture and design shape the human experience of being in the world, reinforcing the concept of what we are, directly influencing our lives.
The environments we design and build should not follow fashions, trends, on the contrary, they must be living, welcoming, empathetic, flexible, full of different possibilities of interaction that can, over time, transform the lives of the individuals that occupy them.
The transformation of our knowledge of reality has inspired the development of new concepts about space. The border is the fundamental aspect of architecture.

As Connor explains, architecture can be fundamentally conceived as a “confrontation and exchange” between the “space-escape” and “space-petal” orders.
Therefore our creative process presupposes that in architecture everything is always changeable over time, controls and influences every detail of our project. Our focus is therefore on all scales, from architecture to furniture, from the landscape to the choice of all the materials used.
The perception of environments takes place totally, not only with our eyes, but with all our senses, our bodies and our emotions.

Claudio Oscar Stabile

architetto fondatore | direttore progetti

Masha Stabile

architetto | interior designer | coordinatore sicurezza nei cantieri